Terms and conditions

  • Bumbles Recycling Limited is a Registered Waste Carrier – Number CB/WE5343FM
  • Has permission to collect Controlled Waste under The Environmental Protection Act 1990 and 1995.
  • If any hazardous waste or uncontrolled waste is found in our bags then we reserve the right to return it to the customer and to make any additional charges arising.
  • Grab bags remain the property of Bumbles Recycling Limited at all times and are delivered free of charge. If you should not utilise the bag for any reason please call us to collect the empty and unused bag.
  • Filled bags should be placed on private property within four metres of the public highway to allow access for our lorry and crane to operate.
  • It is the customer’s obligation to confirm that they have right of way on the property and give Bumbles Recycling Limited permission to enter onto the property .
  • Please be mindful of any overhead obstructions such as cables, trees which might restrict access for our crane.
  • If Bumbles Recycling Limited need to leave the public highway to retrieve the bag(s), we cannot accept any responsibility for any damage caused to property or vehicles.
  • We can collect grab bags from other providers but reserve the right to refuse collection if the bag(s) is damaged in any way which might prove hazardous to lift. Any damage caused during collection of another provider’s bag is the customer’s responsibility.
  • If there is no alternative to placing the bag on the public highway/pavement for collection then it is your responsibility to contact Hampshire Highways Authority to see if a licence is required. www.hants.gov.uk or telephone 0845 603 5638

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